Home page – need: homeowner testimonials and blog posts
Need: link to online donation option if you are taking online donations, and contact info for stock donations if you are accepting them
Need: volunteer interest form/code of conduct/liability waiver, if you have or would like to make a video of team members sharing why someone should volunteer
Need: Links to any online news stories, press releases, photos, hard copy or word/pdf news stories – general info content
Need: links/photos/videos – specifically about previous builds/families
Need: If you have a newsletter, what info do you need from someone to subscribe?
Need: How many units are built annually and/or have been built since FCHFH inception
Need: If there is a campus chapter need a couple of paragraphs/photos about it
Info here is somewhat redundant with info on What We Do/Our Programs page. Suggest combining into one page.
Need: Link of document/spreadsheet with 2023 income limits for qualification
Need: Application form if you want to make it available for download and/or contact info you require to mail form
Need: “Meet the family” stories for homes that have been built
Need: Links/info for any other resources you’d like on the page
Need: Additions/changes if any
Need: FCHFH history from founding to present
Need: Additions/changes if any
Need: Board members names/titles/brief bio
Need: Office hours, info about the store